Real Or Not?

I THINK I like him…

I enjoy teasing him because I wanna see his smile. I want to see him everyday.. I will talk to him about random things just to make a conversation. I want to hear his laugh.. And I like it when he’s beside me. I think I like him.


C. O. N. F. U. S. E. D.


Ithink                      I    like                                                              you.

But                           there’s     an                             invisible        commitment

                           between                                     you                                  and             her.

There’s                          an                                       invisible                 collar

around                                your                                                 neck.

There’s                  an                        invisible       sign

hanged      on         your              chest,

”  I’m            hers    ”         .


I              think I                                                                      like you  .

But        there’s           a    lot             of                reasons         not            to.

There’s          a    lot         of        voices          saying             NOOO!

There’s                 a                lot           of              buts   . .    .

buts     buts   .     . .


But   I           think

      I      like





                                                               .    .  . ….  ..     . .     .      .             .


“I’ll Be The Greatest Fan Of Your Life”

YOU TRIED to read what’s written in my paper
I was shy so I tried to cover it with my hand
But I heard you read the words silently
So I was unsuccessful in covering it
Then I look at you and saw the smile on your face
Then I look into your eyes and saw the sparkling of it.

I didn’t search for you in our class
But I notice I haven’t seen you
So upon realizing, it made me frown
How did I notice without searching for you
So I’m oblivious to the fact that I searched for you?
So I’m oblivious to the fact that I wanted to see you?

The next day, our paths crossed
As I walk and saw you zooming in, I didn’t know what to do
I didn’t smile to you simply because I was shy
But I wanted to smile and say “hello”
I didn’t look at you simply because I was shy
But I wanted to look and hear you say “hi”.

I heard you talk but not sing
And they said you’re a singer
As I wait for you to sing
I notice everything you do
How you smile, how you veer your head
How you stand, how you hold the mic.

The moment you sing
The moment I heard your voice
Is the moment I felt something
It’s the moment I was speechless
I find myself watching at how your lips move
I find myself listening to every word you sing.

As you were singing
I remember how you smiled at me
I remember how you read my paper
As you were singing
I remember when you talked to me
I remember when our paths crossed.

As you were singing
I became oblivious that I was in a class
I became oblivious to the others
It was just you singing and me listening
I was thrown by your voice
I find myself smiling, hands in my chin.

It was your voice
Soothing for my ears, relaxing for my body
Calming for my mind, aiming for my heart
It was, I’ll admit it, indeed successful
It was because of your voice, I’m hooked
Your song keeps playing again and again.

I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.

–(I’ll Be, Edwin Mccain)