A Little Difference Is a Big Change

THERE WILL come a moment in our life when we’ll look back and realize we’ve met many different people. They, different for us.. so do we, different for them. Little did we know that there was this certain person who changed us. Changed us in a way we never imagined. Changed us into someone a lil different from what we used to be.

We’ll come to realize that they, he or she, didn’t change us at all. But we did change for them. We accepted the change which has been waiting for so long. Finally we learned to accept it wholeheartedly, accepted it without a single doubt.. And we owe it to them, her or him.

One morning.. we’ll just wake up with a fresh eyes as if we’re just born again and we’ll see life in a different perspective.

The morning light isn’t just a dazzling light.. but a light that would mark a new beginning. Human beings aren’t just people living.. but there’s more to them than what we should have known. Animals aren’t just creatures, not just pets.. but they are living things capable of caring. Music isn’t just a sound we listen to.. but are songs capable of comforting.. Different views and they removed that blindfold from us.

Our life’s just be different since they came. Our life seems to be better than just enough. People came and they are oblivious to what they have done.. oblivious to how they have affected us.. oblivious that they are the reason for a better person right before their eyes.. oblivious that a little difference is definitely a big change..

I’ve met a lot of different people and that certain person who have driven me to write about this certain change.. And now maybe you’re oblivious, too, that you, yourself, became different person to someone.. that you, yourself, cause a real change to someone.

You Smile And The World Will


THERE’S a lot of reasons to smile. There’s a lot of for whom to smile.

Smile for strangers. You may never knew them but just a smile and it will make them think of why are you smiling and they, too, without realizing it, will be smiling.

Smile for your friends. Oh it will make them happy. Smile with them. Or even laugh with them and you’ll never think of your problems for a moment.

Smile for your family. Put a smile in your face and it’ll be painted in their faces, too.

Smile for your pets. This may be weird but hey, they can feel your happiness. They can feel whatever you’re feeling. So smile and they will smile with you.

Smile for babies. Oh yes! Smiling at babies is the best. You won’t smile for them, you’ll smile because of them. Just seeing a baby looking at you (or best, smiling at you) will definitely make a curve on your lips.

And lastly..

Smile for yourself. It will make you feel better. Just put a smile on your face and your brain will recognize it as happiness.. So give your mind and heart a break. Smile! (:

Smile for everyone and they will smile at you, for you (:


To Be and Not To Be

BE THE light that will guide and help the others see

not the light that would blind others
be the light that will lead the way

not the light that would lead the other way
be the light that will sparkle enough

not the light that would hurt the eyes of others
be the light that that would light

not the light that that’s so bright


What Many Would Say

my unfinished business

I WAS drawing using my pen. Pen. Not a pencil. And drawing using a pen means you can’t make a mistake. As I continue moving my hand, no matter how hard I tried to slow down to make sure I’ll not make any mistake, I still do. Yeah, I know it is impossible not to make any mistake at all. Even just a little bit wrong move of my hand means a big mistake.

Then it flashes right through my mind; drawing is a lot like living. Many would say, I can’t draw, I can’t. And I wanted to ask, do you ever try? Many would say, I’m no good at it. And I wanted to ask, do you ever try your best to be good at it? Many would say, I can’t do it, I can’t draw, I’m not like the others. And I wanted to ask, do you need to be like them[the others]?

It’s like living! Many would say, I can’t take this anymore. And I wanted to ask, do you even try facing it? Many would say, my life’s so damn and it’s nonsense. And I wanted to ask, do you even try to do good and make your life worth living? Many would say, look at their life, I’m not like them, I’m not as fortunate as them, I’m not as good as them. And I wanted to ask, why do you need to be like them in the first place? You are not like them because you are different! We are all different in a way.

Those things have happened. Those words have been said. Those questions have been asked. And those same things will continue to happen. Those same words will be spoken again and again. Those same questions will be thrown again and again. My point is not only in drawing but in living and in all the things we do..

Drawing. Living. It doesn’t matter how much we try to slow down. Being afraid of making a mistake does not mean not committing any. As avoiding to make a mistake does not mean not having any.

But it’s in our mindset that a mistake will ruin our drawings, that a mistake will ruin our lives. A mistake that makes the drawing ugly, a mistake that makes the life miserable. But what our eyes didn’t see is that a certain mistake, sometimes, is what makes our drawing beautiful, what makes our drawing different, is what makes us learn a lesson, what makes us stronger than we used to be.

If we are afraid to draw then how can we see how beautiful our drawing will be? How can we see what we can do without trying? How can we appreciate ourselves? If we are afraid to live then how can we see how beautiful life is? How can we see what life can give us without experiencing it? How can we accept who we really are? If we will not draw, no one will draw for us. If we will not live, no one will live for the life which must be ours.

Many would say, why continue doing things if you can’t even do it? And I wanted to ask, why not do things that will make you go on? Why giving up when life gave us all the reasons not to?

Many would say… but what would YOU say?


I’ve Sketched My Heart

I STARE at the blank paper
a pen in my hand
I started to write
then I realized
I have written your name
so I crumpled the paper.

I stare at the blank paper
the pen still in my hand
I started to think
then I realized
I’m thinking of you
so I crumpled the paper.

I stare at the blank paper
I moved the pen in my hand
I started to draw
then I realized
I’m oblivious to everything
I just draw and draw.

I stare at the paper
not blank anymore
I stare at my drawing
my hand has sketched
my mind has thought of
my heart has dreamed of.

I stare at the paper
the drawing in it
seems familiar
right before my eyes
little did I know
I was staring at you.


We Have What We Needed

WHY DO we eat and need to drink?
Why do we write and need to move the pen?
Why do we walk and need to use our feet?
Why do we feel and need to care?
Why do we stare and need to blink?
Why do we read and need to turn the pages?
Why do we speak and need to be heard?
Why do we live and need to breath?
Why do we love and need to be loved?
Why do we ask and need to be answered?

Too many questions. Too many why’s. Some can even be answered by toddlers. Eat and drink? To digest our food. Write and move the pen? You can’t write even a single letter if you won’t move it. Walk and use our feet? You can’t walk if you won’t use it. Feel and care? You don’t care only if you don’t feel anything. Stare and blink? Try not to blink, nobody can’t stand it. To avoid the eyes from drying. Read and turn the pages? You can’t finish what you’re reading if you don’t turn the pages. Speak and be heard? Nobody wanted to be ignored. We want communication and communication isn’t just talking and talking. Live and breath? To experience life. Love and to be loved? It’s innate in human. Love is innate. Ask and be answered? We wanted to know everything.

But why do things and need things? Why do things and need people?

Because there are things we do that can’t do it on our own. There are things we do and we need others in order us to fulfill it. Yes, we need others.

We need someone who will firmly hold our hand. We need someone who will stay by our side. We need someone’s shoulder to lean on. We need someone to share our happiness with. We need someone to help us carry the sadness. We need someone who understand us. We need someone who will love us unconditionally. We need someone who will let us feel accepted and appreciated. We need someone to make us stronger. Let’s just admit it; we needed someone.

And God gave us what we needed. He had given it even before we needed it. He knows what we’ll need to live here in earth so he gave us them; parents, friends, siblings, relatives, lovers, animals, nature, water, wind, and more. He gave us all kind of people and all kind of things we needed. He gave us different people and things; each we can give different kind of love.


You Are “Very Much” Welcome

To those who visited and have read my blogs…

GOOD TIME of the day. I’m glad you just visit my blog. Hope my blogs fills your heart with inspiration or happiness, hope it also made you realize things. Sometimes you need to widely open your eyes to see even the unbelievable.. Yes, we can see the unbelievable. How? By letting our heart feel what really is true. Just keep believing, keep believing in God and in yourself.

Here is for you (whoever is reading this) :
Remember that OUR life is a sum of OUR choices, not a compilation of others. But don’t be selfish, let yourself be open to others, to what may come. Let God come closer to you, you’ll need Him always. When others turn their back at you, He never will. Open up! Open your eyes to see, to see the unbelievable. Open your heart to feel, to feel the undeniable. Open your ears to hear, to hear the unbearable. Open your mind to think, to think the impossible. Open yourself to love, to love the unlovable. And let not forgot to open yourself to God. But you can only be open if you let yourself to. Do not be afraid of what-will or what-had happen/ed. Focus on what you are right now and do the things what you think will make your inner self rich with love and happiness.

Thank you for visiting, comments and feedbacks from you (good or not) will be very much appreciated so that I’ll improve whatever the crux is. You can also suggest topics on what will my next blog all about, or can even suggest movies you want.