Who Am I When I’m With Me

Who is me when I’m writing my random thoughts
and no words seem to fit in [edited this line for the nth time already..]

Who is me when I’m reading undownable novels
dying to know the ending and still looking for more

Who is me when I’m sketching other artists’ works
not being able to finish an art of my own Continue reading

Protected: The One I Used To Like

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What You Did > Feelings

IT’S NOT the feelings
which makes things complicated, Continue reading

Say It

I WON’T believe it
until it comes out of you

You just walk in, in my life
don’t just walk out on me
hoping  this ain’t just a pass-by Continue reading

Story Of A One Beautiful Morning

I FEEL like writing something
something which concerns us

Like for example
It’ll start with “One beautiful morning”
And will end with “What a lovely story isn’t it?” Continue reading

Can You Call This Thing A Poem About Friendship?

There are loads of definitions of friendship
they said if you do this-and-that thing
or if you didn’t do this-or-that thing
then you’re considered as a friend Continue reading

Walk On By


Yet, somewhere in the process,

some makes a stop Continue reading