To Hate You

I HATE those kind of people. And you know that.

But you became just like them..

The thing is, you are my friend.

And I can’t bring myself to hate you.

So I’m hating myself..


Loyal Than Lovers Do

I DON’T know how others forgot the feelings.

I don’t know how they ended the love.

I don’t know how to stop it.

I know nothing..

coz for me, it’s just always here,

the feelings.. the love..


For me it will never fade,

it will never be gone,

but so does the hurt.


I want to learn how others do it

I want to know how they control it

I just want to learn how to forget it

but not to delete the love

not to erase the feelings

just the hurt, the hurt alone.


But I think it’s not possible

because love and hurt

are even loyal than lovers do.


But how did they do it?


like nothing really happened.


I Kissed Dating Goodbye

I JUST have finished reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I have read it in one day, atleast ten hours straight. Joshua Harris has touched my life. I have learned so much, knew things I never think of, saw what I have been doing with my life, thought of how the world has changed its clothes over the years. It feels like something in me undergoes a bit changes as I turn the pages and it triggers my hand and heart not to stop but to reach its final page. Reaching until the end didn’t fully answer and just left some questions swimming in my mind, still more and more came pouring in. But then some things must be left unsaid, unanswered, for us to learn what we need to.


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