Learn To Say; All is Well

3 Idiots (2009) – HAVE YOU ever asked yourself (wherever you are right now, whatever you’re doing right now) about what you have reached and what you are now, is it your plan? Or a plan of others for you? Think. Go back to where you started. Remember the dream you wanted for yourself and not the others’ dream for you. This is a movie which reveals a story behind everyone, especially college students. A story about competition, pride, hope, faith, family, love, life, and —friends. This must-watch movie touches my heart. It shows that life is not about a race or money, not about competition or getting ahead of others, it is not what others want it to be. Life is just what you want it to be. Education is not about memorization or ranks, not about who’s first and who’s last or who’s top and who’s not, not about time and mind pressure, not about the degrees you have attained. Education is all about what you want to learn and what you have learned and how you have learned those. Love is not about prices, not about being an asshole for being blind or being dictated by others. Love is what you are feeling deep inside, true and everlasting. Faith is not about religion or who you believed in. Faith is simply what connects us to what we believe. Family is not about a command-and-follow relationship but a speak-and-listen relationship and a lean-on-me thing, not about a responsibility but a privilege. And most of all, in this movie; friendship. It is not about where-you’re-from or what’s-your-name thing but it is who you really are and how you really care.

I never regret the almost-three hours of my time, the almost-three hours that made me laugh, smile, and make my tears escape. Funny how friends can standby with their fellow friends no matter what, how friends can do strange things for the sake of their beloved friends. Aal izz well. Aal izz well!

(written: June 5, 2011)


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Such a Movie: Watawat (Flag)

WATAWAT (2009) IS a tagalog independent film directed by Dave Cecilio. The movie went back to the time when the Philippine flag is being created. The movie also highlights some significant events in the Philippine history.

(Side story: I am excited to watch the movie, Watawat, because I want to see how the movie was prepared, how some well-known characters were being portrayed and because after watching the Ang Bayaning Third World I found it interesting to watch movies about history.)

The idea of the movie was great. I didn’t know any other historical movies which story revolves around how a flag was done. Not just a flag, but a symbol of a country, a symbol of independence. When the movie started, I can’t hide my excitement so I was really silent then absorbing the introduction part. Before long, I found myself asking myself, “Is it starting already?”, and I end up asking my friend beside me if it really have started and he said so. I don’t know how many sighs and yawns I have done during the one and a half hour of gazing at the screen but I swear there’s many. I simply didn’t enjoy the movie. It was boring, uninteresting, and unexciting. I know it’s not supposed to be exciting but it’s supposed to be interesting yet it ends up boring. I have difficulties reading the subtitles maybe because of its font. Also some ‘important’ details were wrong; just like the dates. Dates are not really important but when it comes to history; history can never be a history without dates. There are scenes that I don’t understand or why such even placed in the movie. The characters have same accent, not only that, they are monotonous. I mean, why the characters can’t have different tone of voice. Just like Josephine Bracken; I even asked my friends, “Is that Josephine Bracken?” and my question was answered when I heard her name from the other characters. It’s because the tone of her voice, she sounded more like a Filipino not an Irish, unlike the Josephine Bracken in the Ang Bayaning Third World. Having watched the Ang Bayaning Third World I was sorry for I can’t avoid comparing. When you close your eyes, you can’t have distinction between the characters, you cannot be sure if two different persons are having conversation. The only part that I like was when we sang our National Anthem.

After the movie, the director, Dave Cecilio gave the opportunity to comment or to ask him about the movie. He explained not few but several parts of the movie. For me, he was defensive. He is even proud that his movie was done under thirteen days. He also said that his movie was violent-free for his target audiences include children under kindergarten and he needed the RPG rating in order for the movie to be watched by under age. He also said that he wants his movie to be valued by different generations of the society. He is as well pompous as he said that his movie cannot be pirated. He stated that as the process of making his movie lengthen, the expenses also increase; that this movie is not only a matter of arts but also a balance of expense.

The movie should speak for itself. It doesn’t need to be explained or defended by the film maker. For thirteen days he was proud that his movie was successfully finished but then it was more like a presentation than a movie. Just like a presentation made by amateurs. What just makes it a movie is the length of the time it consumed; 90 minutes. He wants his movie to be understood and appreciated by kindergartens which is impossible because in the first place they were just children! Children at that age cannot really understand history even if how hard we try to explain or teach it. If he wants his movie to be appreciated, his targeted audiences must be those who are aware and who have the capability to understand our history. In order for a movie to be appreciated it must be understood first. The movie was violent-free but then a good movie needs that. A historical movie should have at least some violence; it’s not necessarily a must but a great movie requires it just as how a love story needs romance. He was making a historical movie and he wants it to be cherished but then he is not ready to spend a lot of money. I mean, hey it’s a historical movie, it’s gonna be watched by the Filipinos, and he wanted the people to be grateful about it and it’s about the Philippine flag, our flag, but he said, “It’s not about the money, it’s about the expense.” Well, it’s just the same. He, himself, is not open-minded to the fact that he needed a large amount of money in order to produce a great historical movie. He was pleased that his movie was not being pirated, well in the first place who will have the interest to waste time pirating such movie? I am not being rude but the movie gave me reasons to be, I’m just saying that the movie is horrible. A hundred pesos is not worth watching it. My money was just wasted as well as my time.

It’s just that it didn’t satisfy my expectations, it’s just that the movie didn’t speak for itself, I just didn’t appreciate it. It was lacking in many ways.


Ang Bayaning Third World (The Movie)

Seeking for The Truth with Closed Eyes

            ANG BAYANING Third World is a Tagalog movie portraying Dr. Jose Rizal’s life. Not really Rizal’s life, but what happened way back in his time. In this detective movie, the two protagonists who were planning to make a movie out of Rizal’s life seek for the truth. They wanted to make a movie about Rizal that will catch the attention of the people. They attempt to find out what really happened. It was unique how the movie was done. The two protagonists, while searching for the answers they wanted, unconsciously traveled way back in the 18th and 19th century just to talk to Rizal and to some people who were close to his heart; Dona Teodora, Paciano, Trining, Narcissa, and Josephine Bracken. They fire such questions, questions, and questions as they were oblivious to their ranting, oblivious to their words, oblivious to whom they were talking to, oblivious to the veracity that it was just an imagination. In doing so, they end up confused and mystified for all they have are only speculations. They do not know the truth but they’re trying to find out using theories and conjectures which led them not into the truth but just conclusions. Conclusions they just made up.

The two protagonists are like the representation of Filipinos. The two protagonists are so eager to know the truth just like us. We, Filipinos, are so eager to know the truth. We are so eager to know all the answers to the questions we fired as if not knowing the answers will kill us. Just like what the movie explained; will it matter if we know the truth? Will it matter if we know what really had happened? Will it change the fact that Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Alonso Realonda is our national hero? “Kanya kanyang Rizal” —the phrase quoted in the movie said it all. It is based on ourselves what we believe is to be true.

I swear that after watching the movie, just like the characters in the said movie, I was confused ready to fire questions but then some questions are rather answered by questions too.


“It All Ends” With A Smile of Sadness, Tears of Laughter

IT’S BEEN almost ten years since the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was released. Since then people started to wait for the next Harry Potter movies; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 1, and finally the end, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Seen on vast of people waiting for the end were smile on their faces as well as a bit of sadness, smile of sadness and tears of laughter, for we know that it was the last and final movie; that after the said movie, there will be Harry Potter and the —– no more. Harry Potter series (by J.K. Rowling), sadly to say, has come to an end.

The Part II movie started where its Part I has ended. It was a fast paced. People who haven’t read the book may have faced some difficulty understanding some of the happenings. But for many, counting me in, who have been a fan of Harry Potter, who have been monitoring every movie, every book, for us, we felt the excitement! Once again, events were so fast, horcruxes were gradually destroyed, loyalty were tested as well as friendship, dark secrets were revealed, feelings were expressed, bravery bursted out.

The battle started. The never-ending battle between the dark and light side, the good and bad guys, the battle between the Dark Lord and the boy who lived (the Chosen One). And because of everlasting love, the boy who lived to whom the Dark Lord said ‘come to die’ had lived! He live until the end, fighting for all of them, standing for those who have died for him, deserving the things done by those who have devoted their life so he can live and fight.

As Dumbledore said, ‘Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all those who have live without love’, because love is what makes us alive, it is what makes us stronger, it is the reason we live.

For those who hated or do not like Harry Potter at all, then you’re not part of the epic, then feel free to bury it. But for us, for those who have loved Harry Potter with all their heart, let us treasure and cherish the movies, the moments, the novel. Always. Until the end. The epic wins, the epic will be forever in our heart.

It all ends but it really never end. The epic must goes on!


Movies Rewinded [2]

Old or new movies, they all have their own stories..

~ The Forgotten (2004) – IF THE mind forgets, the heart doesn’t. Even if the mind didn’t remember anything the heart always will feel. In this movie, there are people who tell lies and tried to erase the memories of child to their parents. But there’s something that help them remembers that they had child and that “something” was love. Unconditional love, in this movie it is from a mother to her child. Many things stop her from remembering that she had had a child but she didn’t let those ruin her, she stands and fight. Her memories were erased but then the feelings still remains. Unconditional love can defeat even the unbeatable.

~ Sucker Punch (2011) – “DON’T JUDGE the book by its cover” and don’t judge a movie if you haven’t finished it yet. A weird but a cool movie. At first I don’t understand the movie, but as it goes on, I already do. This movie showed that we, ourselves, are the one who decides on what will happen to us, we choose things on our own that lead us to the things that will happen, sometimes remorse manifest but most of the time, in order not to regret, we must stand for the decisions we made..

~ Wedding Daze (2006) – ANOTHER LOVE story but such a different one from others. This movie really suits what I’ve said, love is at all times unexpected. The first day, not yet knowing the name of the girl, Anderson who was depressed from the death of his girlfriend, propose to Katie and to his surprise Katie accepted the proposal. Their wedding took place for a day or three after they met. They have seen each others’ good and bad side and willingly accepted each other and love grew between them, true love. Really, this somewhat weird movie let you realize things, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other or  how much you know each other but how you understand love one another despite of some things.

~ If Only (2004) – JUST ANOTHER love story, but in this movie the most important here is love (of course, love story) and time. Loving somebody is not just saying ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, or any other sweet words. If you love someone don’t just expressed it in words instead take action, give importance. When the one you love was gone and you didn’t show how you love them enough, sure you’ll regret, remorse shall eat your heart. We don’t want to feel that, do you? So if you love someone treat them with care, fill them with your love, and give importance to their life. You can’t stop the time but you can make your time worthwhile. If you don’t have time then make time, no one handle your time but yourself.

~ The Boy in Striped Pajamas (2008) – “BIRDS OF the same feather flock together” but the two young boys in this movie proved that not only ‘the same feather flock together’.  The two child, even at their young age, showed what a true friendship really means even if they are from a different family and have lived their life from a far different viewpoint and beliefs in life. Their friendship was tested by fear but instead of destroying it, it only strengthen the bonds between them.

*more movies, just keep waiting*


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Movies Rewinded

Movies which conquers my mind, some clasps my heart..

~ The Perez Family (1995) – “BLOOD IS thicker than water” but in this movie people showed love from one another even if different blood rushes through their veins. The way the Perezes people live was overwhelming and made me smile. People who shares the same surname, Perez, but were not related at all built their own so-called family, The Perez Family. They learned to cared and actually loved each other like a real family. It was their surname that bonded them but it was the love that kept them bonded. See, blood is not always thicker than water at all.

~ Beauty and the Briefcase (2010) – THERE’S SO many definitions of love. Many people were mistaken for giving a reason “why” they love certain people, for making a list of “potential” lovers, for being ignorance of what true love is. Love is pure when you love certain people without any “because”, “ifs”, or “buts”.  Love need no lists of potential personalities or characteristics. It is at all times unexpected. Sometimes the one you love was at your side all the time and you just didn’t notice it because you were blinded. You didn’t see what-is-real from what-is-not because of what-you-dream which creates a blindfold to your eyes and heart which causes you to unable to see and unable to feel.

~ When In Rome (2010) – AGAIN, THIS movie is about love. Some people are dying to feel loved, dying to have lovers and it causes them to do such things. But as I’ve said, it is at all times unexpected. Things come and go, but there are things that remain and started to have a sentimental value to us and we give importance to it. People come and go, but there are people who remain and stays with us and truly love us for what we are. That’s what love is.

~ City of Ember (2008) – “NEVER LET go, you never know when miracles will happen.” Knowing what’s right and not doing anything then conscience shall eat your soul, but in this movie, Lina and Doon who discover something that will make all of them to continue to live outside the City of Ember do all the things they can. Even if they were called traitors by the Mayor and have faced many hindrances they didn’t give up, they never stop doing what they know is right and what they know is good for all of

them. At last, they get what they deserve.

~ Everybody’s Fine (2009)A FAMILY movie. “For all we know, truth loves to reveals itself voluntarily” so how much we’re quiet to keep the truth and how long we keep it didn’t matter at all. In this family movie, the grown up children keep things from their father simply because they didn’t become what their father wanted them to be and they don’t want to disappoint him. What they told their father was all lie, they didn’t let their father know even the death of their sibling and look what had happened, the truth has its own conscience and reveals itself. Think, it’s better to tell the truth and be free of guilt than to hold it forever which little by little eat your inner self. Watch and see what will happen when the truth was revealed.

*more batches of movies sooner*


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