Tanging Kapalaran

SA PAGPIKIT ng aking mga mata,
ay syang pagmulat ng mga luha.

Sa paghiga tuwina sasapit ang kadiliman,
ay sya namang pagbangon ng kalungkutan.

Tila ngayon ko lang tanging naintindihan,
Tila ngayon lang kung kailan aking naramdaman.

Nagmahal at nasaktan,
yan ang aking kapalaran.

Magmamahal at masasaktan,
yan ang ating kapalaran.


Isang Segundo

isang bata ang nabunggo
si kamatayan ang nanalo.

Isang segundo
isang sanggol ang isinilang sa’ting mundo
si tagapaghatid ay ‘di nagpatalo.

Isang segundo
isang kaarawan ang idinaos
si kasiyahan ay nakisalo.

Isang segundo
isang damdamin ang nabuo
si pagmamahal ang sumalo.

Sa isang segundo
isang buhay ang pinutol
isang buhay ang ipinagbunyi
isang kaarawan ang pinagsaluhan
isang pagmamahalan ang umusbong
isang pangyayari ay sabay sabay nangyari.

Sa isang segundo
si kamataya’y nanundo
si tagapaghatid ay sumulong
si kasiyaha’y lumipad at dumapo
si damdami’y nagliwaliw at umusbong.

Sa isang segundo
pangyayari’y ‘di tumitigil sa pagtakbo
anuman ang dala; positibo o negatibo
haya’t kaliwa’t kanan ang panggugulo.

Sa isang segundo
ako’y litung-lito
ako’y nahulog na ba sayo?
o sa kanya pa rin ang puso ko?

Sa isang segundo..


With Crossed Fingers

I KNOW we’re strangers
Yet I crossed my fingers
As you walk on by
But I don’t know why.

I know I’ve been staring
Your eyes are sparkling
But I notice the frown
In your head like a crown.

I know you have a hunch
C’mon give me a punch
And don’t you hesitate
But please don’t you hate.

I know you have the feeling
So what are you doing?
I know it’s not well
C’mon give me a yell.

I know you seem familiar
And I am not a liar
I don’t know when or where
But I knew you somewhere.

In my dreams you were there
In my life you must be there.

(picture from Google images)

Friend Of a Friend Into Friends

SHE’S FRIEND of a friend, that’s just it
Hi, hello, is enough as a greet.
A classmate in some subjects, just a classmate
Remember her coz in class, she’s always late.

Most times I don’t want to talk to her
A snob, yes a snob I thought of her.
In time I’ll not greet her, just walk away
Neither we are friends anyway.
Every class we didn’t talk that much
Coz we’re not close as such.

Height! There’s something in her height
A height, for her age is not right.
Not that I don’t want to be friends with her
To me, we just know one another.

And one day it’s not the same anymore
Like a friendship with an open door.
Knock knock is a simple joke
Here we laugh till we choke.

A friend of my friend, now I can say
You are my friend in every way.
Every laugh strengthen the bond
Cry and I’ll be holding your hand.

Always remember I’ll be there
Oh and I will be gone neither.
And even if you don’t needed me
Seriously, there I will be.

People will just pass by
In your life I’ll stand by.
Look my friend, I made this for you
Each word is as important as you!

“Happy 18th birthday my friend!
Look at the poem and you’ll see,
it’s the acronym of your name.
Look at the link and you’ll see…
Happy birthday again! (:”


It’s The LOVE I Know, But It’s Not What I Saw

NO SHARP edges to hurt you,
Never-ending cycle we knew.

Light side –always present,
Yet dark side won’t be absent.

Can’t be composed of only one,
It’s made up of everyone.

Feelings are being shared,
People are being heard.

It’s not about ‘just us’,
It’s not a rush.

It’s not about cash,
It’s not a task.

It’s not about distrust,
It’s not a must.

It’s not about lust,
It never was.

Hard to find where it started,
It never really ended.

It’s love, it’s a circle,
It’s love, it’s a riddle.

It’s the love I know,
But it’s not what I saw.

People made it sharp,
That hurts a heart.


(picture from Google images)

The End Of No Beginning

YOU WON’T talk to me.
You don’t even mind looking at me.

I wanted to talk to you,
it’s just.. I’m too shy to do so.
I simply glimpse at you,
it’s just.. I don’t want you to notice.

We’re out of stories, nothing to talk about.
You wouldn’t open another topic.
But I want another conversation.
Yet I’m forced to say goodbye.

We’re out of stories, nothing to talk about.
I waited but you wouldn’t open another topic.
And I wanted another conversation.
I don’t want to hear you say goodbye.

We’ve talked and talked.
Talk about things, random things,
but never the things about us.

Please tell me to stay
and I’ll stay.

Please stay.
I wanted to say.
But I just can’t let the words out.

Please tell me you need me,
and I’ll be with you.

I need you.
I wanted to tell you.
But I just can’t manage to utter.

I need to go, I stare at you,
but you didn’t look back.
So I walk away with a pricked heart.

You need to go, I feel vulnerable,
so I didn’t look at you.
And you walk away, I’m with my pricked heart.

I let you go
but you’ll never know
because I never tell you so
what I really felt for you –status quo.

I let you slip away
but you’ll know in no way
because I never ever say
what I really felt for you right away.


Now tell me; there’s no love lost.
But I tell you; THERE IS A LOVE LOST.


My Friend’s a Fiend

I WAS jumping and jumping
my happiness in the ceiling
so I told him everything
he listens and listens
to my stories of sirens
he said, that’s great!
with a big smile of fate.

I was sobbing and sobbing
my head in the railing
so I told him everything
he listens and listens
to my whining of sirens
he said, it’ll gonna be okay,
but that’s what all say.

He is a friend, my friend
my trust’s never bend
so my stories never end
he said, I’m always here
but he’s just always near.

He’s wicked, he’s a fiend,
but he’s my friend.
He’s quiet, he’s silent,
but to me he’d always went.
He’s unique, he’d agonized,
but he always sympathizes.