Discovered World

                                         HonestlyALiar. JUST MY pseudoname for I don’t want to be recognize or I’m just scared to receive a-not-goWorld of Bloggingod or stabbing-me feedback from others so better to remain this way I think. I just decided to create this wordpress-thing because I want just want to share things. I’m not a professional writer nor a student under some degrees about communications or writing whatever, I’m just a simple student as I am so do not expect perfect entries from me. I’m just a starter.

    When I was just in grade school I really hate English, what I love is Mathematics. I grew up not wanting but cursing English subject. It was also in grade school when I started to read novel, forced by my sibling to. At first I was wondering why people read novels, those thick books that just looking at them made me feel sleepy. But then my sibling forced me to read one, told me just try. It was summer so there was nothing to do and I accepted the book.Blah Blah Blah It was a good start, I asked so many questions, what’s the meaning of this-and-that word. But I swear, I’ve loved it, the book was written by Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, He Sees You When You’re Sleeping my first read novel that did not disappoint me. When I reach high school my passion in reading novels grew and grew. I started reading Harry Potter series (I’m a vivid fan 😉 ), novels written by James Patterson, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, Robert Ludlum and more. But even if reading novels became my passion, still I don’t like English but starting to like it in order to write a novel of my own (someday!).

    I’ll be in touch here in wordpress. Have a good day. 😉


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