I Can’t Be Selfish

I can’t be selfish
Because I know you needed me

I can’t just breakdown
Because you’re breaking down

I can’t blame you for knowing you’re just the one hurting
Because you’re hurting enough Continue reading

The One and The Other

The one made the turn and walk away
The other made the way and turn back

The spaces in between proliferate

The other came to a decision—to stop
and veer the head

The one was in a stop motion
and was gazing to the other Continue reading

The greatest pain!

While I was reading this, I said “I’m gonna reblog this”.
After reading this, I was like “ohhh”.

While reading this, there’s something which connects this to a part of me.
After reading this, I said “I’m really really really going to reblog this”.

So here it is. I hope this will not make you only feel sympathy but will also make you feel you needed to do something, you needed to make a move, you needed to make even a small change.

Hug the people around you.
Have time to ask how they feel.
Watch the words you’re throwing to them.
Understand why their actions change.
Listen to what their silence means.
Let your friends feel appreciated.

The Moment The Night Fall

THE BODY falls hard
a throbbing pain in the back
but in a moment
comfortable encompasses
when night fall,

The eyes beg for a close
filled with too much reality
but in a moment
escaped tears trickle
when night fall,

The time without care just goes on
as fast as the faster among the fastest
but in a moment
it fools us as if slowing itself
when night fall,

The silence usher in
filling in the darkness
but in a moment
the silence was deafening
when night fall,

The mind is set to rest
to forget the problem
but in a moment
problems are all that set in
when night fall,

The heart slows down its rhythm
knowing it needed to
but in a moment
the pain came interfering
when night fall.

Just resting is not as simple as lying down
but as complicated as the veracity,
for it is when;
remorse appears, feelings burst out,
flashbacks play, pains strike,
problems come vivid,
like everything stabs the soul.

But in a moment
for just another moment
all of it seems not to matter anymore;
for the body feels pain no more,
for the eyes see the nothingness,
for the time got weary of running,
for the silence seems to hear itself,
for the mind thinks of nonentity,
for the heart reaches —-its last and final beat,
the moment the night fall.