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“The Once” That Won’t Last

DOES MAN ever been in love?
Do I ever been in love?
I don’t know.
No one will ever know if one ever fall in love.

Because I once said that..
Love never subsides.
If it does.. then it’s not love.

Because I once said that..
We only love once, we only fall in love once.
If you think you’ve fallen in love many times..
think again.. because it’s not love.

So man only love once
And that once won’t last
No one will ever know if it is love
What we’ll only know is that..
If that’s love, it’ll never be gone.

So man only love once
And that once won’t last
But we’ll know if it’s not love
The moment it is gone, we’ll know
That it is not really love at all.

So I don’t know what I’m feeling for you.
But I’m sure I feel something for you.

If this is really love, then so be it.
If it is not.. then all I know is..
it is something special.


Back To Normal: Where We WERE Friends

WE’RE FRIENDS. Partners.

We used to hang out. We used to share secrets. We used to tell even non sense stories. We used to tell jokes and laugh together. We even used to play like kids. We used to text. We used to chat..

We’re friends. We laugh like any other friends do. We talk like any other friends do.

Then people started to tease us. I like you then. I like you even before I knew your name, even before we became friends. But I hide it in order to retain our friendship. I know better than to tell it to you.

But then, something happened. Our friendship collapsed. We let others break the bond between us.

And I hate the fact that we both let them to.

No more friendship? But there are still feelings.

You knew I like you. I don’t know if the feelings are mutual. But there are times when you let me feel like I’m someone special.

You let me guess lock number combinations. Random numbers… and I got it. Your birthday… and I got it. Then you finally said I won’t be able to guess the following combination. But I did. The combination is… 143.

I don’t even know if you do it on purpose but if you did.. well I.. can’t say anything.

Prom night is coming and you wanted a picture of us and I don’t know why. So you texted me and told me. I was like o.O when you ask a close friend of mine to take a picture of us (using your phone and whole body). I was like o.O when your friend slash cousin knew the picture-thing and he took a picture of us, too.

And at that very night, I feel something between us.

I love the way we whisper to each other about how embarrassing it is to stand there while all of them seems like enjoying taking picture of us. I love the way we dance and the music seems like to play forever. I love the way we talk. I just love everything about us that night.

After that night, it just came back to normal. Not the normal before where we ARE friends. But the normal one where we WERE friends..

I dunno.

Maybe it’s just we were both not sure. Maybe it’s just we were both afraid. Maybe it’s just me feeling that way. Maybe it’s just plain friendship for you. Maybe… I just don’t understand at all.

But whatever had happened, whyever it had happened, you will just always be different.

Different in a way, special.

You are and will always be… special.


Coz Not Knowing Is Not Caring

I CAN see the countries where my blog is being viewed, but the ‘countries’ doesn’t mean the ‘people’.

I wanted to know who read what. I wanted to know what affects who. I wanted to know how they understand what. I wanted to know why they like what.

I just wanted to know because ‘knowing’ matters for me. Because not knowing is like not caring at all. And I do care.

But for this case, knowing all of those seems impossible. There’s only one way to express how I care. And that way is this way. Writing where it is neither my hands nor my fingers which write, it is my heart. My hands and fingers are only followers. They are followers of my heart.

This way, I know I can reach people, I know I can touch lives, I know I can make a change even if it’s that small, I know I can make a difference.

As long as I can use my hand, I will. As long as I can write, I will. As long as my heart is beating, it will dictate.

Even if I didn’t know what lies on the other end.. Even if I will never know who’s on the other end.. I will continue to write.

And YOU, yes you who’s reading this, please know that I wanted to know you. Please know that knowing you really matters to me. Please know that wherever in the world you are, we are connected by this. Please know that in any other way, our paths will cross. Please know that this is our time; it’s just you reading and me reaching to you.

Please know that I do care for you. Yes, I care for you. (:



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