How Much Is ‘A Lot’

I’VE BEEN thinking of you lately.

A lot.

^~~~^ ★

Whose Fault?

HATING WON’T do me any good.

yet I can’t bring myself no to..

^~~~^ ★

Drown In Her Own

I LOOKED at her
witnessed her weak smile
she looked back at me
not knowing her mind is somewhere else


BRINGING OUT the worst not to be rejected

but to be accepted


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Real Or Not?

I THINK I like him…

I enjoy teasing him because I wanna see his smile. I want to see him everyday.. I will talk to him about random things just to make a conversation. I want to hear his laugh.. And I like it when he’s beside me. I think I like him.


Losing You


I am losing you

even if

I never had you.

Neither I wanted that to happen
even thinking of it hurts so much..