BRINGING OUT the worst not to be rejected

but to be accepted


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Real Or Not?

I THINK I like him…

I enjoy teasing him because I wanna see his smile. I want to see him everyday.. I will talk to him about random things just to make a conversation. I want to hear his laugh.. And I like it when he’s beside me. I think I like him.


Losing You


I am losing you

even if

I never had you.

Neither I wanted that to happen
even thinking of it hurts so much..



When “We’re done” Ruined Me

MY LAST words for you
“I’m sorry.. but I still love you and I think I will always do”

But your last words to me
“We’re done”

as if all that has happened was just another game
as if what we have was just a plain label for you
as if all what we’ve been through was just.. just ‘having fun’
as if what we’ve felt wasn’t true.. wasn’t love
but it was is for me.

Well maybe you’re right..

it was just a game.. a game where I seriously and competitively played but then you won and that means losing everything– for me..

it was just a label.. a label which I treated as fragile but then you treated with no importance at all and that label was shattered..

it was just ‘having fun’.. a fun which I misunderstood as happiness but then it was just ‘having fun’ for you, nothing more..

it wasn’t true.. wasn’t love.. yet a simple truth and a pure love for me but then truth for you is just a word and that love is just another card in a deck of playing cards..

The words
even that short
has the power to break a bond.

The words
even that short
held an unlasting hurt.

The words
even that short
brought so much pain.

The words
even that short
is enough for me to shed tears.

The words
even that short
leave a scar on my heart
a hole in my life.

And the words
those words
came out of you.


The Better Way


There’s no other way.

There’s only one way.

Just one..

and you have

to make it better.


Sa’yo Kaya?

HINDI KO na alam yung gagawin ko.. Gustung gusto ko syang i-open or sabihin sa iba. Pero hindi ko magawa. Hindi ko din kasi alam kung kailan, at kung kanino dapat?

Kanino ba dapat?

Natatakot kasi ako sa maaaring mangyari pag nalaman ng iba. Natatakot ako sa kung ano ang idudulot nun sakin at sa ibang tao.

Pero.. kasi naman. Antagal tagal na nito. At hanggang ngayon eh di ko pa din nasasabi. Kaya naba-bother pa rin ako kasi ang hirap pag ako lang yung may alam. Ang hirap kaya magtago. Pero di naman talaga sya sikreto, mahirap lang na wala akong mapagsabihan..

Kanino ba dapat?

Haaaay. Kaya di ako mapakali lagi eh. Lagi ko kasi yun naiisip. Kung may mapagsasabihan lang talaga akooo -.-

Kanino ba dapat?


Just To Write

I CAN’T think of what

to write about

so I think of

writing it down

just to write something.


Could You Talk To My Heart And Tell It To Move On?

IF SOMEONE will ask me why am I wearing this.. I am wearing this because I made it. I am wearing this because it is simply beautiful.

But if I would be asked why am I still wearing this.. It’s because this is special. It’s because this bracelet is as special as who taught me how to make it. What’s the big deal then?

The thing is.. I am still wearing this because I haven’t move on. The only reason to move on is I don’t feel anything for him anymore. But the only reason that I can’t and couldn’t move on is that I can’t bring myself to believe the only reason to move on. I can’t believe because it’s the reciprocal of what my heart has been telling me.

I don’t know til when I’ll be wearing this. But you know.. I tried not to wear it. But my body looks for it. My wrist crave for it. So I simply followed them. But that’s not my reason. It’s an excuse of an in denial me.

The truth is.. I felt incompleteness and my heart kept on looking for it. So I purposely ignored my brain and undoubtingly followed my heart.

How am I supposed to move on if everyday I think of you and every night I dreamed of you?

How am I supposed to move on if every silence means your absence and every voice means your words?

How am I supposed to move on if in every song I hear, I heard your voice and in every music I hear, I remember you?

How am I supposed to move on if in everything I do and even don’t do, I think of you?

How am I supposed to move on if  every time I close my eyes, I feel the pain and every time I open it, I see the past?

How am I supposed to move on if I’ve given you my heart?

How am I supposed to move on if I couldn’t talk to my heart?

How am I supposed to move on if you are the only one for me?


You > Anyone

I DON’T know if someone ever needed you more than I do

I don’t know if someone ever loved you more than I do

But what I do know is

I never needed anyone more than I needed you

I never loved anyone more than I’ve loved you.