Just The Available One?

YOU ARE not supposed to tell me everything.
But it doesn’t mean that you should not tell me what I need to know.

You are not supposed to tell me everything.
But it doesn’t mean that you won’t let me know.

You are not supposed to tell me everything.
But it doesn’t mean that you will… lie

It’s hard to pretend everyday.
Everytime I see you, so does the lie.
I can see the lie you told us, you told me.

I didn’t know it was a lie at first.
Of course. Because I believe in you.
But I have that feeling. The feeling that I knew you were hiding something.

But hiding something and telling a lie are two different situations.
And you prefer the latter one.

It’s not easy to pretend that I didn’t know.
I wanted to confront you but I waited for you to do it.

It’s hard to wait for you to do it.
But still I waited and waited… for nothing.

It’s not easy not to think about it.
Because it was you who have done it and you are my friend.

I didn’t even know that you have an issue with me.
But the moment I knew, I made a choice.

I was hurt. Yes I was really heart.
And everytime I see you, I remember the lie, the hurt..

I once asked myself; am I really your friend as what you have said?
Or am I just someone who’s available to be with you?

It’s really sad. I felt sad for asking that to myself.
And I didn’t even wanna know the answer.

I made a choice. A choice you made me to choose.
A choice where I was forced to choose because I didn’t have an option.

Not to be involve. Silence.

I made a choice.


The Truth Behind Lies and Truths

WHAT IS the plural of lie?

It’s lies right?

And what is the plural of truth?

Is it truths?

In some way it’s not. Truths is an uncountable noun. It means that we cannot count it. You wanted to know why??

It’s simple as this;

It’s because, in this world where we’ve grown up, there are so many lies! Lots of it. They are everywhere. Unlimited. Littering every truth. Stabbing everyone. Breaking every bond. They never got tired. BUT.. no matter how many lies there are, we all know that there is only one truth!


Unseen. Unspoken. Unforgotten.

UNSEEN. UNSPOKEN. Unforgotten..

Carved. Embedded. Buried.

“maybe it won’t ever go away, coz there’s no other way,
just came and stay, oh it’ll stay”

no need to speak
no need to explain
no need to elaborate
i think my hand knows me more than I do..


How Will I Know If Truth May Not Be Told?

HERE’S FOR those who don’t know what to believe anymore!

Here’s for you who always says, “I don’t know what to believe from what you say anymore!”



What you see may not be true..

What you hear may not be true..

But what’s important is what you feel..

Coz it’s the only thing that will let you know
what’s true from what is not.




*cheers! I know you’ll figure out the truth. I know you’ll get used to it. I know the time will come when you’ll be hundred percent sure that it’s true!*


Tell Me You Haven’t Lie and I’ll Tell You; So am I

LYING WILL lead you to no good. But there are times when it makes things better. Lying may not be a good thing but it’s also not a bad thing at all.

All of us have lied. Who haven’t? We lie to others. We even lie to ourselves. And why do we lie? It’s because we want to make things better before it even get worse. It’s because we want to avoid others from getting hurt. It’s because, we ourselves, don’t want to get hurt. It’s because there are times that we don’t know what to do anymore than to lie. It’s because there are times that we won’t accept the truth because we just can’t stand it.

And sometimes we lie for an unknown reasons. We’ve got a lot of reasons to lie. Some reasons for good, some for bad, some for good ending up for bad, some for bad ending up for good. We’ve got reasons no matter what, it’s because people never run out of reasons.

There are times when we lie having good intentions but the aftermath ending up worse. Because whenever we lie, there will always be people who’ll be affected. No matter how hard we try not to involve others, someone will always get hurt without us intending to.

I really don’t know if it’s ‘okay’ to lie.

Let’s admit it, we have even lied to ourselves. It’s too complicated right? Lying to ourselves; how can we lie to ourselves if we already knew what is true from what is not? I think it involves rejection. Notwithstanding the truth, we chose to reject that it really is true even if we knew it is.

Now tell me who haven’t lie?
Even the truth is the mirror of lies.



WHY DO keep on believing when nobody knows what’s true?
Why do keep on loving when everybody got hurt?
Why do keep on talking when nobody’s listening?
Why do keep on listening when our own ears got tired?
Why do keep on trying when everybody gave up?
Why do keep on lying when the truth always reveals itself?
Why do keep on crying when we can no longer shed tears?
Why do keep on hurting ourselves when we are already hurt?
Why do keep on waiting when everybody doesn’t care anymore?
Why do keep on doing things when everybody thought it’s wrong?
Why do keep on smiling when everybody knows it’s fake?
Why do keep on living when everybody will eventually dies?
Why? And why do keep on questioning things that can never be answer?
Why do even keep on searching for answers?
Why do we want to know everything? Why?

The Cycle Everyone Knows

NO MATTER how different we are from one another, we’re just undergoing the same cycle. A cycle each and everyone of us knows.

We are born.
We live.
We die.

We are born, taken care of the people who were given the responsibility to.
We live, we live together with people.
We live in this crowd full of strangers who are just living as what we are doing.
And then we die. No matter what we do, we’ll all die.

“Live together, die alone.”


Ang Bayaning Third World (The Movie)

Seeking for The Truth with Closed Eyes

            ANG BAYANING Third World is a Tagalog movie portraying Dr. Jose Rizal’s life. Not really Rizal’s life, but what happened way back in his time. In this detective movie, the two protagonists who were planning to make a movie out of Rizal’s life seek for the truth. They wanted to make a movie about Rizal that will catch the attention of the people. They attempt to find out what really happened. It was unique how the movie was done. The two protagonists, while searching for the answers they wanted, unconsciously traveled way back in the 18th and 19th century just to talk to Rizal and to some people who were close to his heart; Dona Teodora, Paciano, Trining, Narcissa, and Josephine Bracken. They fire such questions, questions, and questions as they were oblivious to their ranting, oblivious to their words, oblivious to whom they were talking to, oblivious to the veracity that it was just an imagination. In doing so, they end up confused and mystified for all they have are only speculations. They do not know the truth but they’re trying to find out using theories and conjectures which led them not into the truth but just conclusions. Conclusions they just made up.

The two protagonists are like the representation of Filipinos. The two protagonists are so eager to know the truth just like us. We, Filipinos, are so eager to know the truth. We are so eager to know all the answers to the questions we fired as if not knowing the answers will kill us. Just like what the movie explained; will it matter if we know the truth? Will it matter if we know what really had happened? Will it change the fact that Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Alonso Realonda is our national hero? “Kanya kanyang Rizal” —the phrase quoted in the movie said it all. It is based on ourselves what we believe is to be true.

I swear that after watching the movie, just like the characters in the said movie, I was confused ready to fire questions but then some questions are rather answered by questions too.


World @ 360

WHEN THE world suddenly turns upside down, most of us say, oh I don’t know what will happen to us anymore! But that is just something we told ourselves just maybe to ‘make us slow down’. That is not totally the truth coz we all know what will happen to us when the world, out of the blue, turns upside down. We’re just like a toddler, afraid of what’s ahead of us. And what are we afraid of? We’re afraid to accept the truth about the world, the truth that lies in life;

Losing what you have
Ending where you have started

Hating what you love
Unloving what you have loved
Liking what you didn’t like
Unwanting what you wanted
Wanting what you need
Unneeding what you want

Telling what must be kept
Keeping what must be told
Showing what you didn’t feel
Acting what you didn’t like to show
Saying what you didn’t want to say
Hurting people you didn’t want to hurt

Waiting for what have been there
Searching for what was there
Looking for the unknown

When the truth fools you
When the truth teach you how to lie
When the lies reveal the truth
When the lies itself lead to the truth
When people live because of death
When people died because of life
When people love because of hatred
When people hate because of love

When the world turn 360 degrees, that’s when veracity strikes us like a bullet aiming for its bull’s eye!


Liar am I?

I’m no straightforward

MANY PEOPLE misunderstood what is true from what is not. There are kind of people who loves to, not really lie but to make the mind of others wonder, mind of others to be mixed up. And I’ll say I’m one of a kind. I love to make others think what’s true and what’s not. I love to make my friends’ wits confused before revealing or until they find out what I am really up to.

I do that because I know that someone or some of my close friends will and can realize whether whatever I’m talking about is true or just a bogus. It became a hobby of mine to muddle my friends and it is up to them if they will believe whatever comes out from me.

Telling lies is different from not wanting to tell the truth straightforward.
I want my friends to look me in the eyes and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to feel what I’m feeling and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to know me, every inch of me and tell if I’m telling no lies.
I want them to love me, love and accept me as what I am and tell if I’m telling no lies.

Liar is someone who ‘keep’ the truth and tell fictive senseless things. Liar is someone who let others believe the lies they told. As for me, “I” am someone who tricks someone’s mind until they come up with the truth on their own. “I” am someone who let others believe what it suits them to believe until what they believe is nothing but the truth. I am a no liar, sorry, for I am just a no straightforward.