When Is Sometimes?

SOMETIMES IT’S what I didn’t say
Sometimes it’s what I say

Sometimes it’s my silence
Sometimes it’s my loudness

Sometimes it’s my laughter Continue reading

No, I Don’t Miss Him

WE’VE KNOWN each other for some time
acquaintances altered into close friends
yet it seems like I’ve known you all along Continue reading

The Way The World Is

HE ADMIRES her and the feelings are mutual
he wanted to witness her smile
she wanted to stare into his eyes

Both responded in stillness
he witnessed her smile
she stared into his eyes Continue reading

To Walk Away; An Open Letter Of Sarah To John


       I may not remember this exact date (so I won’t write the date today). But I’ll probably remember this day. The day I’ve finally decided to let you go. It may be absurd because you are not mine –you never were. What I meant of letting you go is that, I’ve decided to walk out of your life.

      Yes I know it’s not totally your loss. It was surely mine. You may not even notice that I’m gone. Continue reading

Drown In Her Own

I LOOKED at her
witnessed her weak smile
she looked back at me
not knowing her mind is somewhere else

It Doubles The Burden

SOME SAYS it was alright. There’s nothing wrong with it. But there are some who don’t wanna hear it. They said that they don’t like it.

But to whom will I open my ears? I don’t know..

Maybe a friend of mine is right –everybody doesn’t need to know something. Continue reading

I Die a Little

DON’T know what’s going on
they are laughing
they are whispering
i’m out of it
been told a lie
not knowing
striking words
seeing a family
‘dad’ and ‘mom’
hearing the word mother
thinking of grandparents
friendship planning
lost kinship
saw them together
got my heart pricked
i die a little
i die a little


BRINGING OUT the worst not to be rejected

but to be accepted


So Hard..

WHY IS it so hard to tell something to someone? Why is it so hard?


The Talker

YOU NEVER listen.
That’s why no one wanted to talk to you.
All you want is
you’re the one to do the talking.

Just for a moment
would you please listen?

Why is it that when we talk
it’s your hobby to reason out
it’s your hobby to explain
it’s your hobby to cut off the talker..

You wanted to be the talker
the only talker.
But I’ll tell you
it’s no good.

For once
shut your mouth up
but not your ears.

We’ve got voice
You’re not the only one who got voice
Just saying..

So listen
even just for once!

Just listen
and let us be heard!