In Their Eyes

Know more about the person behind this blog! Brought to you by my beloved friends!

Who am I if my name is not Ann? Who am I?




“likes to annoy people” —yeah all the time!

“fond of teasing others” —just like ^

“creative” —when I’m in the mood!

“God Gave Me You addict” —love the lyrics! you don’t?

“flirty, depends on who she’s with” —ohmigoodness! There’s my crush! *blush*

“love to startle others” —been my hobby, don’t get angry. lol

“random” —super duper super

“eat a lot” —yeah just can’t stop eating

“gay” —I am one! lol

“I run out of money whenever you invite me to eat” —just want to have a food trip with you!

“non-stop stories about (ooops! unnamed)” —about him! (;

“fond of books” —novels baby!

“nocturnal” —you know why!

“writer” —dunno about this haha

“silently sweet” —really? am I? oohh (:

“fond of tickling others” —especially if I know you get tickled easily, so don’t let me know or else! run, hide, or die! lol

“sweet but bitter sometimes” —I’m random remember?

“vbhvbshvbsjkfvbsfjvbfjkbfjkvbjbjkvxbsjk” —I understand. I love you too!

“she’ll rather stay and listen than being a good adviser” —hmmm lalala I’m listening…

“unbiased adviser” —really? am I? nice! look! someone said I’m not ^ haha what really?

“good listener” —yeees. I’m listening..

“spend a lot” —for food! not all the time

“snob” —really? kdot.

“understanding” —I understand (;

“she easily gets upset but super thoughtful” —of course I am, coz I care!

“no dull moments with you dude” —I know!!

“hyperactive” —yeah! yeah! yeah!

“didn’t forget; if someone is missing in our group, she’ll call or text them immediately” —if I’ve got load

“the baby in our group of friends” —literally? lol

“pessimist but also optimistic, that’s why you’re unpredictable” — + or – hahaha! me so random right?!

“always present, she’s the roll-caller” —present! where’s —?

“her insights depend on her mood” —yep

“scary when she’s angry” —coz I’ll eat you!!

“love to hangout in Mcdonalds and KFC, also in Chowking and Ken’s” —coz of food and food, food and foood (:

“moody” —yes. no I’m not!

“secretive” —*evil smile*

“cute especially with her haircut” —I’m not used to having a long hair (:

“kind” —(;

“actually, I don’t know how old she really is” —how many times will I tell you that I’m 17?! forever 17!

“hates Twilight” —not really. I just don’t like it. I love Harry Potter!

“I love Ann” —I love you too!


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